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Our Mission:

No biker brother or sister, or needy child go without
food, electricity, or medical needs while suffering from an injury.
Hello everyone, my name is Mickey Carter (aka) Bear, founder of
Bikers And Needy Children Foundation AKA (B.A.N.C.). B.A.N.C.
Foundation is a NONPROFIT Foundation founded to assist injured
Bikers and Needy Children.This is an actual Car/Motorcycle accident

where the car made a left hand turn in front of the motorcycle.

She didn't see him.




According to N.H.T.S.A. and F.A.R.S. statistics, as of 2019 there were over

8,596.314 million registered motorcycles in the USA with an average of a 48%

increase every10 years. However according to F.A.R. S, (Fatality Analysis Reporting
System), the number of miles ridden per rider has decreased by 31%
but the number of fatalities has risen by 89%!  Who pays the
electricity, buys groceries, or takes care of medical needs  not covered
by insurance when a biker is injured? And, there are a lot of injured
bikers. According to N.H.T.S.A and F.A.R.S report there were 84,000
reported motorcycle injuries in 2019 and 5,014 bikers died. Like most
of the biker community I was to proud to ask for help after I went
down. I had no way to pay my bills & no help. When I started this
foundation it was with pocket change I saved up. After a year I had
enough to get started, go through the legalities, and become a legal
501 (c) 3 under Public Charities status 170 (b)(A)(vi), trademarked,
nonprofit foundation that is registered with the IRS.


The need for help is extremely huge and very real. Make a contribution or

buy a patch today and help make a difference.

The B.A.N.C Foundation is here to help you or your comrade if you/them

are injured. B.A.N.C. Foundation may be able to. I am an OSB. I believe in stopping & helping

one of our own.
And,  I believe that if there are over 6 million bikers in the USA, we
should be able to help our own when they are injured and needy.
They shouldn't  have to go without food, heat, water, or medical

All the work with The B.A.N.C. Foundation is done by me, the
founder, volunteers, members, & supporters. To date all monies are
made through contributions, Fund raisers, the sale of patches,  &
memberships, Poker Runs, and 50/50 drawings and picking up
pennies. ALL FUNDS raised are deposited into a bank account until
needed, then dispersed to injured Bikers and Children to help in their
time of need & are dispersed to the most sever cases first. There are
no paid employees. In order to receive these funds you must first
provide documentation with a completed application. The funds paid
out do not have to be paid back. All we ask for you to do is make a
contribution back to the Foundation when you are back on you feet
and able to support yourself again. Please contribute what you can,
spare pocket change, $1.00, $2.00, what ever you can afford, or
support us by buying a membership patch. No contribution is to
small. Without your help and support the foundation cannot continue
to help our injured brothers & sisters.

To become a member, buy a patch, or make a one time donation. Please go to

the top of this page &
click on the appropriate button. If you need assistance CLICK HERE
for an application.

Every penny is put to good use & every penny counts  

Just a few of the things we have done this past year.

Paid a car note for a biker in WV who hasn't been able to work due
to  multiple surgeries after injuries from an accident. His car was to
be reposed the next day and was all the transportation he had left.

Helped a biker get his utility bills paid after suffering a heart attack &
winding up in open heart surgery.

Helped a sick biker pay for his oil/heat cost because he could no
longer work.

Helped a terminally ill biker who could no longer work get central air
& heat.

Helped with living expenses for a biker who went down, broke his
leg, & couldn't work.

Helped Father Christmas with a donation & toys for the sick children
in the hospital at Christmas.

Helped with toys/food for kids who are underprivileged and would
have no Christmas.

Helped a Lady biker with medicals so she could get treatment.

Helped a Lady biker with a crippling disease get gas, hot water, &
. And the list goes on....

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