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About The Founder

   My name is Mickey, my friends call me Bear, and I am know as Roadkill28371...OSB. I am a retired family man with 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I am married to Jeanie Hood Carter from Texas, who is my best friend. We married at th1stB.A.N.C.Foundation Spring Rally on May 14, 2011. I have been riding Harley's for over 40 years and build my own bikes. Motorcyclist are a proud group of people. After my accident I decided to do something to help injured/needy bikers and children. I saved all my pocket change over the years then went though the legalities, and started the Bikers And Needy Children Foundation. We are completely legal and a totally nonprofit foundation. You can check us on the IRS website for 501 (3c) nonprofit charities. We need support from everyone and aren't asking for much, $1.00 a month can help a lot. Charter Memberships are $20 and includes a patch. REGULAR MEMBERSHIPS ARE FREE and you can purchase a patch. No donation is to small to help someone in need, even pennies and pocket change. Without memberships & donations we can not continue to exist. The economy is slow but, the economy will not help you pay your bills if you can't work! Bikers And Needy Children Foundation may be able to. So, help a friend, ask for help for them, and show support for them.

Thank you for visiting our website.  

Mickey (aka) roadkill28371...OSB

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